April 24, 2012

Reworkin' It

Shirt: H&M Kids, Skirt: Random, Sweater: Old Navy, Heels: Gap, (similar here) Accessories: Frank Gehry for Fossil watch, Anthropologie rings, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, Karen Walker sunglasses 

OK...random and long reference but, did you watch The Simpsons growing up (or maybe you still do)? I totally watched that show. Among the many episodes that have aired, there is one episode where Marge wants to become a member of the Springfield Country Club and she alters a vintage Chanel suit she finds in an outlet store so many times that the ladies make fun of her. I'll never forget that episode because it shows how hard Marge tries to fit in but just can't "keep up" with the other ladies. (Though, she would be a DIY-maven nowadays in the blogger world.)

So why am I bringing this up? Well, mainly because I relate to Marge's efforts and I also feel country club-ish with the sweater thrown over my shoulders (I'm hardly considered a "preppy" girl). There's not one item in this look that you haven't seen recently. I adore reworking pieces I have in my closet and trying looks I haven't tried before. Yet, to be frank, there's also this underlying pressure I feel to constantly update my wardrobe with new finds (designer label or not...deal or no deal). I love shopping but how often can a gal purchase designer labels? (Unfortunately, I'm not ready to throw down $40,000 on shoes like Carrie Bradshaw.)

What do you think? Do you constantly feel the need to "keep up" and buy new pieces or do you just "keep up" with what you have?


  1. love the print of your skirt and the pop of purple! so cute


  2. I watched that episode about three times (much like any Simpson episode hehe). I always felt bad for her, for wanting so badly to fit in and not being able to keep up with the wealth of the rest of the group. But she would totally kick ass in the fashion blogosphere :D

    You look so cute here. I love your skirt and your shoes - gorgeous!

    xo Joana

  3. I still watch the simpsons now :D And have done ever since i can remember! I know the episode you are talking about! I think whenever you buy anything for your wardrobe,you have to think of two or three different ways you can wear it other wise its a waste of money!
    Love this look honey,that bag is amazing! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  4. Gorgeous bag! Such an investment piece I can see working 'til forever! Great pops of color in this ensemble as well...something about denim chambray that makes it very relaxed!

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    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  5. i adore your style today!

  6. Love this outfit! I like the chambray with that skirt and the red shoes.


  7. Your Marge story reminded me of that movie with Meg Ryan, French Kiss. Have you seen it? One thing I love about it is that she's in the same outfit for practically the whole movie because she loses her luggage and she comes up with like 10 different looks from a jacket, jeans, button down, vest, and tank top!

  8. Omg ! perfect bag ! ♥

  9. I love your skirt. I definitely don't have the money, so I'm constantly working with what i have.

    xo erica

  10. It's nice to buy all the time but get's so expensive so I prefer to try & keep up with what I have..
    Nice bag BTW :)

  11. Beautiful skirt! And I love this bag..so chic! You look beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Let's Twitter Together
    NY Style Examiner

  12. First off, the sunnies look fabulous on you.
    Second, I completely agree about needing to re-work pieces as to not spend every penny you earn on new pieces. When I find myself in a rut (aka when I yell at my BF "I have nothing to wear!") I force myself to wear a brand new outfit everyday from my closet. I keep track of all of my outfits/pieces until I run out of ideas. I did this last fall and went about 2.5 months of not repeating an outfit (yet, I was still complaining "I have nothing to war!") Anyways, that's my long-winded tip!

  13. I love this star skirt. It has a classical cut and a fantastic star print.


  14. This is a fabulous outfit. I love the pattern and color-mixing! TOO great!

    A Southern Drawl

  15. Saw Annie's post on your look and had to come check it out!! That skirt is amazing and i love the overall look as usual :)



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