April 2, 2012

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I mentioned in my previous post that I was headed towards SF MOMA this weekend. Generally, I try to frequent museums as often as I can. I've always enjoyed going to the museum and I enjoy going with a group as much as I enjoy going by myself. There's nothing particularly special about going to a museum per se...but I always hold a special place for the SF MOMA in my heart since this was my first date spot with my then-boyfriend (and now-husband). Tee-hee. 

My next museum of choice is definitely the de Young for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. How about you - do you like heading towards museums? Do you have any places you're going to visit soon?


Pretty lady in a pretty outfit... 

"I'm the artist" Mark Bradford

Nothing like re-juicing the body with some coffee and sweets... 

"Yellow bands around his soles/souls..." 


  1. So good to see you wearing your Wellingtons again, I love them.

  2. Hahah you cute little stalker !

  3. that looks like soo much
    fun lovee the look aswell :D


  4. The "Mondrian" cake is soooo cute :) Perfect for eating in a museum

  5. looks and sounds like a successful outing! love all the accessories you are wearing :)


  6. love the photos! i too also love going to museums, even more so, aquariums. my fiance proposed to me at the seattle aquarium and any city we visit, we make it a point to visit the local aquarium. i have actually gone to the SF aquarium and fisherman's wharf!

    love your outfit! and ive been meaning to invest in a nice pair of hunter rain boots. its always raining in seattle!

  7. I love your photos and the witty tags that go along with them!

    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  8. Nice hat! I love the jewelry. =)


  9. thanks so much lovely for visiting my blog! :) i'm now following yours :).
    & aw yay so happy to find another SF blogger!! omg ive been dying to visit this exhibit, looks amazing..i think a visit is needed now! :)
    and aw so cute that was where u had ur first day with ur now hubby :). p.s. omg where'd he get his oxfords? want!

    <3, Kathleen.


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