March 21, 2012

Wednesday Whim - I Know That Feel, Bro

"Orphaned Heroes" image via Chris Gerringer

I've always been a painfully shy person. As a little girl, my mother lectured me about this to no end since I gave the impression of being rude or self-righteous to others. I've learned to slowly grow out of this but even as an adult, I still prefer to have a safety net (aka my husband) around me to help "break the ice" and I get extremely giddy if I bond with someone right away (since it's not so easy for me)!

That is why I have a connection to these images created by artist, Chris Gerringer (aka "Paperbeatsscissors"). What's the connection between these fictional characters meeting and feeling each other's pain? The obvious fist-bump greeting and a mutual "I Know That Feel, Bro" of course. Yes, I do know that feel too, bro.

"Itty Bitty Living Space" image via Chris Gerringer 

"Gotta Have Rings" image via Chris Gerringer 

"Being Green" image via Chris Gerringer

"Genetic Experiments" image via Chris Gerringer

"Last of the Race" image via Chris Gerringer

"Obsolete Technology" image via Chris Gerringer 


  1. I love these images--- and I'm definitely with you on the shyness! I love having my outgoing bf with me because I feel a lot more comfortable! It's so hard being in a big group of people... I find it overwhelming at times. Everything takes time so who knows, maybe we both will be on some crazy reality tv show for the most outgoing of people :) ... jk.


  2. Aaaaaw these are so cute!

  3. These images are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing! I especially enjoy the one with the floppy disc and cassette tape. I'm the opposite when it comes to meeting new people, when my boyfriend is with me I'm much more hesitant about meeting new people but when I'm on my own I'm striking up conversations with everyone.

  4. These cute lil' prints crack me up! Thanks for sharing!

  5. ohmygosh these are amazing. i want that stitch and wolverine one so bad

  6. oh i am so with you on the shyness. i am honestly still that way and that's why i find it hard for me to look at the camera when no one else is in the picture with me. thank you for sharing these images! i adore them so much!

    i love your last outfit post! you are on a roll with mixing patterns! loving it.

  7. obsessed with these images. they are TOO perfect.

    - Marie
    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  8. This is amazing, I love it. I also love your outfit in the post below. I'm your newest follower here and on Twitter too!



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