February 2, 2012

Looking Forward

via Zara Spring/Summer12 lookbook

Last year when I mentioned Punxsutawney Phil (here), he predicted the winter season to be short. Today, funny Phil saw part of his shadow so presumably, six more weeks of winter will be seen. (Though, the weather here in SF has been pretty wacky to begin with!)

As you know, the world of fashion doesn't wait around for Phil. So even though spring isn't here yet and the month of February just started, everyone is looking forward to spring trends and styles. I've been perusing a lot online for items that may or may not suit my personal taste and body type and I am particularly fond of the looks I see on Zara, Club Monaco and J.Crew (who doesn't love them?).

I adore the trendy vibe seen at Zara, the hippy vibe seen at Club Monaco and the modernized classic vibe seen at J.Crew. It's fun to feel like a different person just by changing the styling of your clothes. 

What are you looking forward to in spring?

via Zara Spring/Summer12 lookbook
via Fashion Gone Rogue - Club Monaco Spring/Summer12 lookbook
via Fashion Gone Rogue - Club Monaco Spring/Summer12 lookbook
via J.Crew Spring12 lookbook
via J.Crew Spring12 lookbook

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