January 18, 2012

Wednesday Whim - Nailed by Dzine

images via The Standard via photographer Kai Regan

If my nail board over at Pinterest is any indication, there is a ton of inspiration floating around the web for nail art. But, have you ever wondered about the history of nail art and where it came from? Over the holiday season, I came across a new book called Nailed by a Chicago-based artist, Dzine (or Carlos Rolon if you prefer). I was so fascinated by the book and had a draft post ready to reveal as my "Wednesday Whim" but neglected the post until today! (Shame on me!) As the social saying goes, "better late than never," right?  

The book is sold exclusively through the Standard Hotel (until February 1). It is wonderfully fascinating with all of its pictures, the artist's personal recollections and work, and the overall history behind nail art. (Did you know nail adornment was first known to be used in China during the Ming Dynasty era for social status?) Sure, the nail art featured in the book is a bit bold for everyday, but it sure does make for good creative awakening.

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