December 14, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Mosaic

Steve Jobs (Apple) image via behance via Charis Tsevis

I have to say, I am a fan of mosaics. It's so interesting to create an image out of other (tinier) images. In a recently published book, Gadgets, Games, Robots and the Digital World, you can see the amazing images created by artist, Charis Tsevis. The likeness of the portrait is spot on and the tiny images are unique to the individual (Steve Jobs' icons are made from Apple products).

I'm so fascinated by all of this and am eager to flip through the pages! What do you think?

Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook) image via behance via Charis Tsevis via  Francois G. Durand

Tomohiro Nishikado (Space Invaders) image via behance via Charis Tsevis via Peter Brooker, REX Features

Grace Hopper (mathematician) via behance via Charis Tsevis via AP/Press Association Images

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  1. Oh, wow, that is so cool! I'm really into art, but I've never looked much into I know what I have to do haha!


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