December 9, 2011

Double Duty

Jacket: H&M, Sweater: Ruehl, Shirt: Banana Republic, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Accessories: F21, Reiss hat, vintage, Michael Kors watch, Rebecca Minkoff bag

As I'm planning out the rest of the month's calendar, it hit me that the 2012 year is almost here! I realize I mention "time" and how fast "time" goes often on my blog, but I just cannot get over it! Most of my 2011 year was spent thinking about getting married. Not that I obsessed (if you knew me during this time, you knew I was not a bridezilla by any means), but that the details and the planning did take up most of my thoughts. 

Since getting married, I have had more time...obsessing over everything else I neglected. This is ironic to me since my concern at the start of 2011 was not having enough to do and now my concern is having too much happening all at once (especially as we get closer to 2012). I'm not sure which side is better - or if there is even a side to be on!

Since time never stops for anyone, here are some things I am currently enjoying during the time I do have...

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