November 16, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Everything Old Is New Again

image via Brick & Bottle

Though today is only Wednesday, it sure feels like it's been a full week. My mood has been lousy and I'm not comforted by how dark it is when it's only six o'clock and I think I should be in bed already. At work, there has been a sudden flurry of deadlines and at home, there has been a lot of home improvement projects that have been left unfinished. 

On that note, I wanted to focus on things I do find comforting and things I am looking forward to (can you believe Thanksgiving is already next week!?). Here are just a couple of items that have made me remember why I enjoy the "little things" in life...

  • (image above) My coworkers and I have frequented Brick & Bottle in Corte Madera, CA for happy hour drinks and food (that lasts until 7:00pm!!). We finally ordered their orzo "mac and cheese" on our last visit and I was so utterly surprised at how tasty it is! Is this news? Probably not...but who would have thought orzo and "mac and cheese" would go well together? It made me rediscover the magic of comfort food.

image via Rishi Tea

  • As a reader of my blog, you may already know I love having a good ol' cup of chai. For a while, I have tried to mimic the taste I find at local cafes in my own home. Recently, I read about Rishi Tea courtesy of Oprah (hate her or love her...she comes across some good stuff!) and this recipe makes me feel satisfied at getting close to what I love.

    (And of course, I love me a discount code so if you buy the tea now, you should use the code "OPRAH" to get the tea at $8 instead of the normal $10.)

Oh, I feel better already.  What "little things" do you find comfort in?

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  1. Oh my word, orzo mac and cheese?? That sounds like a dream to me.



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