November 10, 2011

Street Photography

image via Facehunter

As some of you know, I love seeing all kinds of photography. I'm fascinated by people who take the art seriously and those who are just getting into the field. Of course, most of us who follow style blogs know the photogs who capture "street style" fashion and do it well (i.e. Scott Schuman, Vanessa Jackman, Yvan Rodic, Bill Cunningham, etc). Right now, I'm loving seeing their photos of other people taking photos. While the fashion behind the camera is still fascinating (can I please look that good taking photos?), I adore the fact that I'm seeing someone else capture an image in time that they see as meaningful.

image via The Sartorialist

image via The Satorialist

image via Vanessa Jackman

image via Vanessa Jackman

image via The Locals

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