October 19, 2011

Wednesday Whim - No Time Like The Present

image via Nordstrom Facebook - edited

I was just conversing with a friend of mine about how fast time is going by.  Then, I stepped into a fabric store and saw...December holiday decorations.  It's not a surprise that every year, decorations are put up and pulled down faster than what I remembered as a child, but I'm still disappointed at how quickly the holiday turnover rate is considering Halloween is still two weeks away.  

I admire Nordstrom's long standing policy about not decorating until after Turkey Day - but then I came across this article potentially disputing the policy.  

Early decorations at Nordstrom?  Well, the journalist called the PR team (spokeswoman, Brooke White), who stated they weren't decorations - Nordstrom was simply "commemorating the upcoming social season."  

Hmm...a bit of a loop hole to me.  Social season or not - I'm not ready to see those holiday decorations just yet.  Shopping early is one thing, but holiday overkill is another.  What do you think?

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