October 3, 2011

I Am...

I am full of mixed emotions!  As I have mentioned throughout my blog for the past several months, I'm getting married before the end of the year and that timeline is this week!!  My fiance and I are having a very simple wedding but nothing is ever simple, right?  As I read what I am writing, I'm nervous, happy, anxious, happy, tired, and happy.  

I'm grateful for the people I have supporting me through unfamiliar territory (i.e. preparing for a wedding) and embracing a new chapter (i.e. a marriage).  I don't anticipate too much change since my fiance and I have lived together for some time now and have worked out the kinks of embracing a life together with new habits and new arrangements.  Though, being "official" sure makes it...serious.  (ha..ha)

This past weekend involved getting my marriage license (omg!) and a nice mini getaway to Calistoga, CA  - a place so serene and beautiful that I forget I'm only two hours away from the City.  

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