September 19, 2011

Rose Colored Glasses

This weekend, my fiance and I were out of town with family and friends and it was so fabulous that we forgot to take photos (aside from little shots here and there)! To be honest, this weekend was one of the best weekends we have had and we didn't even do anything particularly special!  We stayed in, ordered take-out BBQ (OH so yummy!), caught up with friends, laughed at old memories and made some new memories. While things have been pretty crazy with scheduling, it was nice to remember everything is relative to something else. Here's a snippet of things I did...
  • Received the final details of my upcoming bridal shower! (EEKS!)
  • Amazed at how crazy the Missoni for Target launch became ... did you manage to nab something amazing? I missed it all but in my opinion if you didn't get it at Target, you might as well spend the dough on the regular line and not on the crazy Ebay prices!  (But then again, how is this different than other designer lines that get sold on Ebay?)
  • My fiance and I were asked to be Godparents to her newborn baby boy!
  • Although we are still talking about a honeymoon for after the wedding, I still can't help but enter contests like this one by Kate Spade for the "you never know, it could happen" moment
  • Couldn't help but laugh that today is really "Talk Like A Pirate Day"...arrrrrrr!
{UPDATE:   BTW, sorry for the random post Friday - error with Blogger and Polyvore caused a post that I didn't realize was up!}

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