August 5, 2011


Tops, pants: H&M, Jacket: Lucca Couture, Shoes: Boutique 9, Scarf: Vintage gifted

It was lovely to hear the responses to yesterday's post.  Ultimately, dressing for "you" is important.  Style is subjective and that's what so great about fashion. 

Following this line of thought, I am going to perform a summer cleaning of my closet.  Each item of clothing I own is a memory of something, somewhere, or a feeling of a moment in time.  This may sound crazy, but I can remember where I got everything and where I have worn things to.  For this reason, I have a difficult time letting pieces go.  But, I need a fresh start to my wardrobe, and there's no better time to do this.  

For me, the process is always time consuming, but I have keep certain questions in mind as I decide what stays and what goes:
  • How often do I wear this?
  • Have I worn this within the past year?
  • What condition is this in?
  • Am I still inspired to wear this for future outfits?
  • Why else do I still want to keep this?  (i.e. are my reasons more sentimental or practical?)

Does anyone else go through a process like this?  Is it as difficult for you to let pieces go?


  1. You look so adorable! I really love the striped blazer and your layering. Great styling!


  2. I am really loving all the layering in this outfit. Great look!



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