August 23, 2011

Office Space

images via The Coveteur
By now, fashion-holics everywhere have seen the upgraded office space of the ladies from WhoWhatWear.  Don't you just want everything that the beautiful photos capture {taken by The Coveteur}?  I love the flood of natural light the space gets that highlights everything that needs to be seen in the room {i.e. none of the gross fluorescent lighting that some other office spaces are stuck with}.  But, most of all I admire the simplicity of the design of the space, which also adorns personal effects {note the personalized pillow on the couch and the framed vintage Chanel advertisement}.

How could you not be inspired if you worked there?  Le sigh... Are you dying as much as me?!


  1. I love this, wish my office looked like this!! Thanks for sharing :)




Thanks for your comment!


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