July 12, 2011


images via Smitten Kitchen
For the past few days, I have felt less than inspired with my food and with my fashion.  I'm a believer that food and fashion have a symbiotic relationship to each other through design.  Food and fashion are both feasts for the palettes.  As a result of this uninspired lull, I've defaulted a lot to basics (simple salads and simple structured outfits) so as I was perusing the daily blogroll, I was really excited by two things.  

I'm extremely tempted to try out this version of flatbread via Smitten Kitten.  The combination of honey, thyme and sea salt sounds like a lovely blend of a hint of sweetness with a hint of savory. It's simple enough that I won't need to rely on complicated tools in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, a selection of streetstyle photos from Vanessa Jackman featured below are making me want to add as much lace to my closet as is fashionably fit.  I like the way the lace adds a delicate touch to the overall outfit.

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  1. I liked the first two photos of lace...not so sure about that last one. But very cute!


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