June 23, 2011


Tank, Skirt: F21, Necklace: H&M Fashion Against Aids, Bag: Mulberry for Target, Sandals: Cynthia Rowley for Target
It's a little ironic that I manage this blog to (semi-regularly) post photos of myself sporting an outfit to reveal to readers.  The reason I say that is only because I'm a naturally shy person.  Often I'm told to take more photos of myself to post, but I have an artist complex in which I love putting together outfits but then immediately hate it afterwards -- similar to painters or sculptors (or whatever medium of choice) "hate" what they create.  A bit self-loathing, yes?

However, the day I was shot in these photos was a day of celebration.  For the first day in my adult working life, I had a day off for my birthday.  I decided to keep it low key (for as long as I could -- my fiance threw me a surprise party later) and enjoyed a wonderfully sunny SF day and exhibits at the de Young Museum.

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  1. Congratulations!

    I've came across your blog via fabsugar and I really like what I see! You have a great blog and a great sense of style!! Keep on going with this, love to see more from you!


    Rock 'n Style


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