May 18, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Gents & Ladies

Images via The Sartorialist

When it comes to fashion, and even fashion blogs, the public's attention is usually drawn to many fashionable ladies in existence.  But, we all know that men have swag too.  During my daily site visit to The Sartorialist, I found myself captivated by the contrast of the woman and the man shot for Scott Schuman's blog (shown above).  While Mr. Schuman didn't post the two photos together, the images had me thinking about how women and men dress.

Both the woman and the man are dressed in black and white but their personalities are obvious through their clothing.

The woman in the photo appears so effortlessly chic in her outfit - with her black mini skirt, peasant top, and gladiator sandals - she looks put together without too much fuss.  Classic and cute.

Meanwhile, the man sports a lengthy pair of basketball shorts, a fitted tank, and tights/socks to the utmost ease and displays another spectrum of the "street style" we have become familiar with.   Functional and fit.  Isn't it amazing how chic he looks in the photograph?  His "outfit" is a nice change from the typically suited and dapper looking men one typically thinks of for "fashion blogs."  (See Mr. Schuman's comments here)

What do you think of the gents vs ladies component to fashion?

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