April 6, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Thoughts & Inspirations

Images via Rue
When it comes down to "why" any of us do anything, the reason usually stems from a personal connection.  I have been thinking about this a lot as I sit at my messy desk (in the process of organizing everything) and people ask...

Question:  Why do you like to write?
Answer:  I have always felt a connection to the written word and as a child, the only way I could be heard was through writing.

Question:  Why do you write a blog?
Answer:  I want to connect with others who have similar tastes and passions in life.

Question:  Why don't you post more photos (taken by you) to share with others?
Answer:  Some photos don't seem "good enough" to post and I don't always feel I look great in the ones of myself (i.e. awkward).  Maybe I need to get off this mind-set.

Question:  Why ask why?
Answer:  Exactly.

Lately, I have wondered if what I do is relevant... or interesting.  To me, it is.  And I suppose when it comes to a personal blog, that is the point (if things are interesting to YOU).  When we question our motivations, does the end result become just as murky?  

No, I don't want to push the existential question on this blog but it does bring to mind a "big picture" thought--especially when most of my day to day focuses on the details of (my) life (wedding colors, angles of photos taken, catching up on correspondence with old friends/family...).

I hope that what I do continues to inspire me and others.  Everyday I'm aiming to improve and better myself.  As selfish and self-indulgent as it may seem, the inspirations in life are what creates wonderful results.

The.  End.  For.  Now.

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