April 20, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Five Facts

Image via Lucky Mag - Lucky Breaks

I thought it might be fun to feature Five Facts about me this week...and the top five are:

  1. I'm a HUGE deal hunter.  Seriously.  Even when I don't need something, I'll still look and send it on to my friends.  It's even better if there's cash back ability (like Ebates - have used them for several years now)!  Sometimes, this annoys my fiancé.  
  2. I love to enter sweepstakes.  Not the Publishers Clearing House Kind but the fun, win a trip/gift certificate/shopping spree kind (like the trip I hope to win in the photo above!).  Lucky Mag has some of the best.
  3. I cannot leave the house with accessorizing.  I feel naked otherwise.  This also annoys my fiancé (when we're on a time crunch).
  4. I love to read readers' comments (or viewers if you're a YouTuber).  Who doesn't though?
  5. A cliché to live by:  I believe everything happens for a reason - even if I don't understand why (yet).
Any fun facts you'd like to share with me?  Love to know! 

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