March 23, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Ina Moment

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One of my dear friends purchased me this fabulous book by Ina Garten a few months ago.  She must have read my mind that I wanted to start a collection of cook books (instead of relying solely on the printed recipes available online).  Having one by Ina Garten is a great way to start!  There's something about having a real book in your hands that makes it feel like a complete experience.

When I was in college and first living on my own, cooking consisted of whatever could be heated in the microwave or in the oven without too much work (besides unwrapping a wrapper).  Shameful, isn't it?  

I started watching Ina Garten cook her fabulous recipes on the Food Network and she made cooking with fresh ingredients seem so effortless.  So, when I started to work full-time (and started to truly feel like an adult), I noticed that I referred to her recipes time and time again.  She is truly one of my faves.  She's classic and elegant in her approach and her food always looks amazing.

I'm happy to report...I'm getting better and better at cooking.  I'm now on the hunt to obtain her other books as well.

Do you have any "Ina Moments" or chefs you are inspired by?

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