March 16, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Find A Fit

People transfer a puzzle
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Lately, the theme of my life has been trying to "find a fit."  This meaning is four-fold:  
  • I am trying to coordinate wedding details (time flies by fast!)
  • Re-design my current living quarters
  • Re-structure my business life
  • Balance my creative outlet
As I continue to grow-up in my adulthood, I am discovering what I like and what I do not like.  My taste and style is maturing and so is my decision making.  It's an interesting journey and one that I am ready for.  So in this quest to piece together my life, I like being inspired by the following:

image via Etsy seller BellaPuzzlesToo

I love the idea of literally putting together my wedding day.  I can imagine having this in my life.  For other women like me, the traditional items just does not feel "right."  It certainly helps to have something like this wedding blog to refer to.

image via Brahmin $275

When it comes to handbags, I often lean towards the adage, "the bigger the better."  But, once in a while I love the compact bags that are so lady like and feminine.  This Brahmin bag fulfills that want with the pop of color I need. 


Images and story here


Images and story here

And of course, my life is never complete without photos and stories of those people who live creatively day by day (e.g. Jane Herman and Benny Aguilar).  I appreciate stories and photos like this as it definitely serves as the ultimate inspiration.  People like Jane and Benny (yup, we're on a first-name-basis here) have achieved a harmony between their eclecticism and personal touch.  I believe their living quarters reflects this harmony (and why I am often attracted to spaces like theirs).  

So, in a nutshell, I am still figuring all of this stuff (A.K.A life) out.  But, I'll keep you updated throughout the journey.  

Stay tuned...

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