March 10, 2011

I'm Just Kid-ding

Shirt/Tights: H&M Kids, Sneakers: Chucks, Jewelry: H&M, Gilt, Vintage, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunnies: F21

Since I changed jobs within the last year, my attire has also changed.  My new job is a lot more relaxed in its dress code (my former job was at a corporation, and jeans were prohibited--among other things).  But to be honest, I sort of miss dressing up for work.  Since I was in an artistic work environment, I didn't need to wear suits and was able to be more creative in how I dressed. 

I invested more of my efforts into my work attire when I was at my former job so now I'm on a hunt to find new treasures for where I am now.  While I don't recommend shopping in the children's section for work attire OR adult attire, every now and then there are items that I can get away with.  My entire outfit here is from the kid's section at H&M.  (You may remember seeing a glimpse of this shirt here.)  Admittedly, I look at the kid's section more often than I should.  You just never know what can be found!

In other news, my friend has challenged me to take more photos of my outfits since I'm often asked to post more self-portraits.  Challenge, accepted. 






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