January 19, 2011

Wednesday Whim - Photography To Note

Images via "Dancers Among Us" photography by Jordan Matter
I have had a passion for photography since I was a child.  In fact, I received my first camera (35mm!) when I graduated from elementary school (a BIG deal).  My father owned a ridiculous collection of old cameras, which I didn't appreciate when I was younger.  So many of them were broken that I wondered why he ever kept them.  Only years later have I come to realize he was a collector.  

I stumbled upon this NYC based photographer, Jordan Matter, several months ago and fell in love with his series, "Dancers Among Us."  The series started in 2009 and features real dancers in "everyday situations."  None of the dancers used trampolines or other devices to capture their poses.  They are just that talented.  Just like him.

Jordan Matter has been featured on news programs for his work, but I don't like him because of that.  I like his story about how he got into the world of photography.  He didn't intend to end up there but with some talent, a woman who needed good photos taken, and some good timing he found his career.  It sounds so simple but so amazing all at once.

I have carried a camera in my purse since I was a child--capturing anything and everything.  Not all of them are good, of course.  But, you just never know where inspiration may come from.

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