January 27, 2011

Two Girls

Images via Refinery 29 and TopShop
Images via blogger and blogger
In fashion, there are generally two types of people--the statement-ers and the minimalist-ers.  This can be easily reflected with the type of jewelry one wears.  I'm a huge fan of both looks and I love how one day I can rock a big necklace and the next day I can wear more delicate pieces.  That's one of the most fabulous things about fashion--the ability to manipulate looks.

When I look at my own collection, I have leaned towards the statement pieces so I am now on a hunt for more delicate pieces.  In case you need options for either look, I've linked some of my favorites during my hunting expedition.

1.  J.Crew Gardenia necklace, $118 


  1. Great picks! I've had my eye on the Banana Republic necklace too. :o)



  2. All of the jewelry is beautiful! Love the "two girls" idea and the Stella Salvador initial necklaces on Etsy :)


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