October 4, 2010

Missing in Action (Already)

UPDATE:  I decided to remove the direct image and have you view the image by clicking on the link instead (being new and all...I don't want to break any laws already!)  inspiration image @ The Satorialist


A surprise that comes to no one--time has flown by and unfortunately, I neglected my blog.  I used up my (eager) energy reserved for my blog towards new changes that occurred within my life.  In a nutshell:  I changed jobs, moved in with my fiance (which coincided with re-decorating), had several trips up and down California (family), attended a wedding, and made one of my first major purchases--a CAR!  Whew...

Needless to say, I was exhausted at the end of the day and having time to catch up on mundane items like television shows became a chore!  But, I want to re-direct my efforts towards my blog and maintaining regular updates.  

I included the image above (courtesy of one of my favorite photographers, Scott Schuman at The Sartorialist) as a representation of all that I adore:  effortless chic, black & white, Chucks, camera.  Hopefully, the same kind of ease that is displayed by the female in the photo will be representative of the kind of ease I would like this blog to be for my readers.

Some might wonder:  Why bother with a blog at this point?  That is a good question for which I do not have any good answers.  I don't know where this blog will take me, but at the very least, I can hope it will be a voice of my creative energy and allow me to continue to be inspired in my life. 

So here's to a (re)start of my blog! 

Image taken by me (on a plane)


  1. hey sweety i really like your blog, it's so cute. =]
    Just wanted to let you know that if you write stuff like "image from-{insert website}" you not breaking any laws. =] hehehe
    cant wait to read more. =]

  2. Thanks for the comment! =) I thought I could reference the photo but on the safe side...took the photo down due to copyright notice on the actual site. If I get permission, I can re-post it! =) Thanks!


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